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The Mark chair distinguishes itself from the Tanit collection, from which it only takes the frame characterized by minimal shape and weight.
The frame of the series is used to accommodate two seat and back panels that are perforated by means of a pantograph, so that you can write whatever you want on the back, on the seat or on both of them.
Upon request, our interior design office can customize the chair according to your needs.
The panels are made of multilayer wood or other wood types.


Tech Specs


Larghezza 36,5 cm
Altezza Seduta 45 cm
Altezza Schienale 84 cm
Profondità Seduta 38 cm
Profondità Schienale 45 cm
Sezione struttura 20 x 8 mm




Nero-rosso-blu-azzurra-verde-arancio fosforescente -giallo fosforescente