Starting in 2014 we selected a number of design objects resulting from our past collaboration with historic design brands such as DePadova, Icf, Matteo grassi, Poliform, Halifax, T70, Joint, Driade and Cyrus company which we chose to reinterpret for their strong contemporary characterization.

At the same time we introduced a number of new design objects and furniture pieces in line with that style and tradition, forming a collection of products that we named “Collage”.

They represent our vision of modernity and furniture founded on Italianness, the history of design, its tradition and the idea of conceptualizing each piece as a “project” , which implies applying the principles of complex architecture even to small objects.

Our products are contemporary in many aspects. The experimentation of new materials (new wood essences, iron, masonite, ceramic covered iron) the attention for detail, the search for innovation, giving the essence of design to an object, a sign of distinctiveness, clear and resolute thinking.

We worked on adapting our products to various tastes and needs: the more classic version besides the more extravagant, the different covers which can give to our Tanit chair various looks, from the use in a kitchen to that in a bedroom or for a special ceremony, making it soft and comfortable or minimal, elegant and practical. 

We have designed functional furniture, thinking about the needs of today’s homes and interiors: here is the Lilith chair that becomes a low seated chair for bars or a small sitting area, here is the drum chair, soft and comfortable but also small that fits in smaller homes. Next to all this we have placed a bit of history, reviving a sofa that won the Golden Compass prize and covering it in a more contemporary fashion.

We also added a hint of irony, typical of Italian design, by introducing small details that are able to distinguish the model: the side pocket for newspapers and magazines tied to the arm of the chair, the seatback which can be reclined with an immediate gesture, the symmetric chair that can be turned upside down, maintaining the same shape and function.

Our craftsmen are located exclusively in Italy, in the area of Cantu’ in the Brianza Region and in Udine: working with us since before the birth of the company, with a strong experience of working with renowned Italian designers, studying and experimenting with us and finally giving life to our products. A bridge between past and present.

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Fuorisalone 2018 – Aluminium Series

Collage presenta per il Salone del Mobile 2018 ,assieme all’intera collezione,la sua sedia “masterpiece” Tanit in alluminio in diversi colori con un restyling di design e di finitura – per interni, per esterni e con tanti colori a scelta.  

Conde Nast – Special Style Sourcebook

Collage è stata selezionata tra le aziende di design contemporaneo più interessanti attorno al mond,o all’interno della Guida “Style Sourcebook ” dell’edizione Fall 2016 di Conde Nast Design

DDn Magazine

Ddn Magazine publishes an article on Collage, its products and designers in its special issue on the 2017 Design Week

Esposizione – Palazzo delle Stelline, Milano

Il nostro fotografo Elia Festa al Palazzo delle Stelline, in Corso Magenta a Milano, presenta la storia dei suo lavori  inclusi gli scatti outdoor della collezione Collage.